In 2012, La Jolla Symphony & Chorus (LJS&C) Board members, staff and key donors saw the writing on the wall. Public resources were diminishing and budget cutbacks at the state level were affecting institutional support. An endowment of $1.5 million would provide enough income to bridge the financial gap.

Endowment assures the sustainability of the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus through a spending policy that only allows use of income produced by the funds. The principal is left untouched, leaving it to grow and increase in value for years to come. The LJS&C maintains professionally-managed Endowment funds with two local foundations: the San Diego Foundation and the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. To learn more about how to make a gift to the Endowment or to advise us of a pending gift, please contact Executive Director Diane Salisbury at 858-822-3774 or at dsalisbury@lajollasymphony.com

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