Community and School Programs


The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus currently offers education and outreach programs to San Diego County students through in-school programs and other programs in conjunction with local community centers and libraries.

In-School Choral Program: “Sing” is a 40-minute presentation conducted by five members of our chorus that will: 1) demonstrate the potential of the human voice, 2) demonstrate the elements of music, and 3) introduce a variety of repertoire to the students. The presentation is interactive, engaging students whenever possible. Ideal for a combined classroom setting (e.g. about 60 students), it can also be adapted for an assembly of mixed grades (e.g., K-3 or 4-6). A resource packet is available for teachers. For information, please contact Diane Salisbury at 858-534-4637 or at

For more information about LJS&C education and outreach programs, contact Diane Salisbury, Executive Director, at 858-822-3774 or at