David Chase
David Chase, Choral Director
Ken Bell
Kenneth Bell, Assistant Director
Victoria Heins_Shaw
Victoria Heins-Shaw, Accompanist

Chorus Auditions

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus - chorus performance

The La Jolla Symphony Chorus welcomes experienced singers (university, student, and community) with excellent music reading skills who are interested in a serious commitment to choral singing. Open auditions are held by appointment at UCSD in early fall.

• Community Singers (More Info)
• UCSD Student Singers (More Info)

Audition Process

The audition process is designed to be thorough but fair, so we can add serious musicians, not only vocalists, to the chorus. Please be ready for the following vocalization, sight reading, written quiz, and a prepared song. (More Info)

Venue Locator

Map to Auditions (Click Here)

A Word About the Audition Procedures

From Choral Director David Chase

I am sometimes asked to explain why our audition process is somewhat complicated, especially in that it includes a written "quiz" and a task that specifically tests the ability to sing a familiar song in an unfamiliar way, as well as the usual tests of vocal ability. (More Info)

Chorus Operations

Rehearsal Requirements & Venues

The La Jolla Symphony Chorus (offered as Music 95-D through UCSD) rehearses from September to early June, every Monday from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Recital Hall at the Conrad Preby Music Center. The center is located across the street from the Gilman Parking Structure on the UCSD campus in La Jolla. Extra rehearsals are scheduled as needed. (More Info)


UCSD requires evening parking permits, which cost approximately $43 per quarter (or $3 per hour). (More Info)

Concert Attire

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About La Jolla Symphony Chorus

Cultural Ambassadors of the City and County of San Diego, La Jolla Symphony Chorus has been recognized for its musical excellence, high standards, and imaginative programming. (More Info)

About David Chase

For more than forty years, David Chase has led the La Jolla Symphony Chorus through great works and innovative new pieces, drawing out not only the best in the sound but the best in the singers. (More Info)

Meet the Staff

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